Injep Picture

This is part of a series of customary designs I did in Ceramics class.

The assignment was to make vases out of clay, and so I did this.

What are these exactly?

Well, truth be told, these are fantasy cultures that I created myself out of my constant study in mythology and fantasy. They are based on the history of Europe and Asia before the hype of the Early Modern Period.

Might make good for the campaign, you know. Now these pictures I'm displaying are not fantastic kingdoms, but fantastic EMPIRES. I divided each one of these into 3 realms, each realm consisting of a fraction of Medieval, Asian, and Ancient European cultures, each realm being governed by a high king, while the Emperor rules his own capital city that composes of three references obviously.

Three realms are as follows:
Emperor: Cairo, Nile, and Ganges
Hymalto: Turks, Persians, and Hymalayas
Indej: Caracen, Egypt, and India
Siemoor: Morocco, Carthage, and Siam

People often confuse Indian cultures (and I'm talking about the Hindu cultures, not the Native American) with that of Ancient Egypt and Muslim/Arabic cultures. Seems rather weird, don't you think? They seem so culturally similar but yet their religions were completely different. Don't be affended Muslims and Hindus, as if I'm aiming to reference the Medieval and Ancient cultures and the folklore thereof. That's what's being referenced.

I'd say that this empire is worth visiting because of cute girls. I know it's weird for me to say that, but that's pretty much the beauty of the place. Not to mention the races in the desert and such authentic music I love listening to. Plus, there are plenty of awesome tombs and temples to explore, including Ancient Pyramids that existed when the dragons were common. Awesome!

There are some downsides, though. The Ancient Pyramids are the highest level dungeons in the whole campaign map, or at least that's what I heard. They are not for beginners. As for the food, the food is great in the empire, terrific! However, the food can also be extremely nasty. I love the smell of boiling curry in the morning.

PS: Have you ever tried Shwarma? What? You don't like Falafel?
Tribute to the awesomeness of Walt Disney/Marvel Comics and Warner Brothers/DC Comics that is extremely appropriate for this page.

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