Sorgmand - Original Picture

A sketch of a creature of my own design, named 'Sorgmand' ('sadman' in Danish).

The Sorgmand creatures are carnivorous humanoids that typically look like tall and muscular humans, but the length/size of the neck and limbs compared to their body are not quite the same proportions to those of humans (particularly in males). They do not have external sex organs as they are monotremes and possess a cloaca (although you probably think that's TMI).

They usually feign crying and sorrow in order to lure empathic/sympathetic prey. Once their prey comes close, not only do they have strong healthy muscles to boot, but in addition to that, once they grab their prey (such as a human) they emulate something similar to lockjaw within their hands and arms - a variety of muscle spasms - deliberately to keep their grasp firm so it is almost impossible to escape them unless you're able to dismember them. Once their prey is held firmly in place, the natural partial face-cover lifts up to show their mouth lined with around double the amount of human teeth (32) at about 60-70, that are somewhat shark-like, which they will use to eviscerate and devour their prey, typically eating just about every muscle off of the bones (but usually don't eat organs/entrails unless they're really hungry). However, much like humans, they only have two sets of teeth (child and adult).

In old Scandinavian folklore/mythology there were a lot of strange, intriguing and dangerous creatures in the stories, so I thought it was appropriate to give them a name derived from Danish.


Sorgmand © Copyright MizaBrega
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