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This was my Sequential Art Senior Project at SCAD Atlanta. The idea originated by wanting to do a story that featured characters from Greek Mythology living in modern times, and then it really morphed into this metaphor for perception. The main character feels invisible, and so he becomes invisible to almost everyone. We are in his head throughout the story, and so we're actually seeing what he sees in other people. The bullies are monsters and the popular kids are either gods or angels.

It was a fun story to write and draw. It was a bit of challenge to color especially the invisibility aspect, but it came out to what I was imagining in my head.

This page actually has a nod towards the original script that was twelve pages long. The conversation in the first panel did take place in the original script, but Vicki hadn't broken up with her boyfriend yet. Max knew about the cheating and was urging Michael to go over there to tell her the news. Max felt that Vicki would be so thankful that she would eventually go out with Michael. Michael refuses to do it, rightfully so too. However, in the original script there's a scene where Max calls Michael up to let him know that he secretly told Vicki the news, and she wound up catching her boyfriend in the act thanks to the tip. I had to cut the scene out in order to condense the story to ten pages. So Max's grin had more to do with the fact that he was responsible for letting Vicki know about her cheating boyfriend.

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