wind being "tortured" Picture

"They never let us see them ... Only hear them ... Wind being tortured by a dark spirit and the outcome is horrifying men and yet they are demons stabbing poles to draw lightning to their bodies arm’s limps and drooping past the knees almost as if they have no need of them unless using them as a power source, to draw the wind from as they run as if it is a circle using the wind spirit to running with sonic speeds and using arms to gather the wind and power flying past them. They go in groups of four two to surround and heard us one to give us extra ordinary hearing using a heightened since of air spirit and the last one is to let us see him and watch are faces in pleasure as we twist into the un ending road of insanity they have all emerged from the forest all holding a stake they hand them to us we hear voices in are heads horrifying blood boiling and could make any man turn on his own master ... and that is what I do killing all I see there power I take my knife stabbing my forehead and thrusting thee eyes into the holes. And give my soul to a shadow demon. I am a tortured of the air spirits and I am the last of humanity in this clan....."

Tortured air spirits once human selling there souls to a shadow demon named Charon "the boat man's name in Greek mythology" he gives them more power and the gift to sap other powers from being's going insane the mutilate themselves so there bodies can deal with the power extra eyes for more sight to deal with all the power of sight giving, metal poles in random places on the body to draw lightning to release some of that power.
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