Louis model Picture

The muskiteer with a secret

Name; Louis De Chimera
Age: 47
Eye colour: Dark purple
Hair: Cocoa
Height: 5ft 3[
Weight; 16 stone
Blood type: o
Weapon; Musket, sword
Fighting style; Sword fighting
Origin; France
Strength; Aim and Deflecting
The curse of the chimera has also given longer stamina , improved strength and bulk , fangs.
Weaknesses: The musket s long reloads
Personal: Quiet, curious of his enemies

Colour scheme
Skin: Sandstone
Musketeer robe : French navy with a gold chimera crest gold
Inner clothing: White
Pants: Mandarin
Boots ; Henna
Hat: Sandstone light with a mandarin stripe and a lilac feather

Louise a retired riflemen that served his country before the end of the musketeer era of budget cuts.
Though he had lost his will and place in life he had a great knowledge of mythology and become a hunter of creatures non- existing of this planet.
People around laughed at him being called a senile old fool but he ignored the facts and trailing the world he meets a lot of odd creatures.
Until a wired animal African coast attacked him after waking up all he could remember was a big hairy beast with more than one head.
The symbol lions head, horns, tail of a snake a chimera he thought,
Louis needed proof and after he recovered an old letter tournament of no all out bounds fighting for the religious order he let out a roar like a lion he sits his sights on the church of holy followers the letter also warned him of his unknown curse.
The chimera curse will be lifted if victorious granting the victor power and knowledge of the world if defeated a chimera will be the victim’s new host
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