Fairytale Collage Picture

During my junior and senior years of high school I drew a bunch of small drawings all over the place. I decided to cut them out and pasted them together in order to organize them.

0. Bronze Race - Already titled so I didn't give it a #. Based of a mythology story I read.

1. Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid.
A. The Little Mermaid herself in human form. This is right before she sacrifices herself, hence the tear. She's holding the sea witch's knife which I tried to make look like it was made of sea glass. She has blood on the hem of her dress because in the original story her feet bleed and it hurts for her to walk.
B. The Sea Witch. I wanted her to look less evil ('cause I don't believe she is ever called so in the original) and more "otherworldly", like she's something different from the other merfolk. Her coloring and tail design were inspired by bioluminescent fish. She's holding a wand made of coral, a pearl, and a narwhale tusk. She is also holding the hair of the little mermaid's sister.
C. The Other Princess. The one the prince marries. In the original she is very kind and gets along well with the little mermaid (I tried to reflrct that with sunny colors). She and the prince truely love each other.
D. The Little Mermaid's Sister. Her hair was the price she paid to the sea witch in return for the blade with which the little mermaid could kill the prince with (his blood would turn her legs back into a tail). She's praying for her sister's safe return.
E. Bottled Voice. The little mermaid's of course.
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