Erotho and Mahogany Picture

Here they are, the main couple for my "love story with humor", Erotho and Mahogany.

Anyway, I should point out now that Erotho isn't a demon they way we usually perceive one. See, in the universe they live in, it turns out demons, angels, and other mythological creatures are actually aliens. Somehow, each species have the ability to make portals connecting to our world that were long believed to be myth for centuries after visiting Earth to bug humans fell out of fashion and people did it less often. That is until Erotho made one by accident. Most of the story takes place on his world by the way.
And despite the great amount I just said, I still technically didn't give away the actual premise. Success.

Mahogany is shy, kindhearted, awkward, kind of forgetful, thoughtful, and tends to put up with small misfortunes near constantly, but knows when to put her foot down. Though Erotho can frustrate her-a lot-she still undoubtedly loves him no matter what. I don't draw curvy women as often as I should, so I'm happy with how she turned out.

Erotho tries to act like a charming, suave debonair, but is instead perverted, a tad immature and short-tempered, and can even be a real selfish jerkwad at times. He is however very romantic, affectionate, and protective of his wife, and knows when he has to do the right thing.
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