Olive the Necromancer, Chapter 50 Picture

After Poe and Allen manage to get Olive to stop worrying about her friends in the forest (for now), Allen introduces her to his parents–Eliza and David Raven–and his “new” little sister, Annabel Lee (Belle for short).
Now, there are some gaps in the story revolving around the Raven brothers’ parents, which I will fill here, instead of using another week to explain it all. As explained in Chapter 24, ( [link] ) Edgar, Allen, and Poe managed to flee from the village they lived in during a pirate raid. At that time, Edgar was eight years old, Poe was seven, and Allen was six. As Captain Ozzy and his savage crew pillaged the village and killed dozens of ravens, they fled. Meanwhile, Eliza (who was pregnant with Belle) and David were captured. Ozzy was cruel most of the time, but he would not slaughter a pregnant woman. Therefore, he gave them shelter on his massive ship in exchange for manual labor from David. By the time Ozzy died, David had become second in command, and was even Captain until Shane turned eighteen and took his place. Now, the three Ravens live on that ship as part of the crew.
Ten years passed before the brothers met Cynthia, the only person who might possibly be capable of helping them “fight” a crew of over twenty men, each with some sort of mythological power. They were desperate to find their parents- desperate enough to kill someone. However, once they teamed up with Olive and friends, they no longer needed Cynthia's help. Edgar only tried betraying them again because of his infatuation with Cynthia. As for why it was so easy for Allen and Poe to find their parents… well, the Ravens aren’t prisoners–they simply ran into them, eventually.
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