AoK #06 - Villain Design - Virabhadra Picture

AoK Workshop #6 - Villain Design.

Based on Virabadhra from Hindu mythology.

EDIT: Virabhadra is the physical manifestation of Shiva's rage, a superbeing capable of defeating multiple deities with sheer raw power. He is almost like a male counterpart of Kali, so I placed an avatar of Kali behind the character to signify the similarity.

I chose to use traditional Indian men's garb as the character's costume to identify him with the country of origin, using a Sherwani (longcoat) and Churidar (trousers) with modified ornate greaves to cover the lower legs. On his head is a Kreedam or crown, usually shown in depictions of Hindu deities and here used to signify his royal origin. The tattoos are envisioned to be protective markings, similar to the use of Mehndi.

His weapon is a variation of the Khanda, a broad, heavy backsword considered as a weapon of prestige by footmen and royalty alike, as well as the symbol of Shiva. Kali and other deities are often depicted as carrying a Khanda among other weapons.

I also made him to stand atop a giant cobra, an important animal in Hinduism. Shiva is often depicted with a protective cobra wrapped around his neck; here I turned it into a more threatening guardian animal for the character.
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