Saci Picture

Few people know about the vast South American mythology outside its borders. Here in Brazil, the so calles "SACI" is probably the best known member of our folklore. It is often described as a pitch black boy with one leg, always wearing a red hood, red short and smoking a pipe. In a few texts he appears as a taller young man, whose hands have three to four fingers and a hole in their palm. The skirt-of-leaves was my invention.

The Saci is not an evil entity per se, but he likes to play pranks and troll people all the time. His hands are agile and immune to fire and le loves to play around passing hot coal through the holes on them. He often visits stables to tie knots on horses tails or the pen to scare off the chicken and steal their eggs. If he gets inside someone's house, he will always mess up the place, specially the kitchen, where he will break everything he can and burn/rot the food. When feeling scared of someone, he will scream untill the person goes mad. The only way to catch him is to trap him inside a bottle while he is moving - he takes a whirlwind form to do so.

Legend says the Saci appears inside green bamboo hollows, lives for some years and then dies, turning himself into a white poisonous mushroom.

No one is sure about where this myth came from, but it is believed to have indigenous origin. Portuguese people would have added the red beret and the black skin.
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