Livtrasir Schlimmbesserung Picture

He's one of the rare people with actual lastnames!
Yeah, certain 'species' don't really have one of those fancy descriptions, and this guy is easier to explain like this...

Either way, this is Livtrasir. As you can see his appearence has kind of changed through the... years? He's a pretty hateful guy nowadays in ghostland, sometimes he burns things/people he hates, though earlier than 10 or so he was actually pretty happy. He didn't like his lastname back then, he prefered his firstname far better since he felt it was a better description. Nowadays it's the other way around. After a bunch of years (???) with everyone against him he put on his old dress and hung himself and everyone wrote mean things on the gallow (and his name but it counts). He didn't really die though, he got to some kind of limbo coma place thing so he could go back, but really why would he want to?
He has a fygja too except he has TWO fylgjur (wow fancy) that treat him like shit!

He's almost always 10 when I draw him with Simon since after that he left and never came back while Simon is super upset about it sometimes. Otherwise he's usually 10-15 since most characters are in that space.

I feel like I'm missing something but really that's it, he hates everyone and everyone hates him the end.

Also I'm not good at drawing this guy so yeah.

Also I'll be naming/basing more characters off of norse mythology sometimes for no reason okay bye

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