Joro Spider Picture

The ever-present large garden spider of Japan. I have seen bigger spiders than this inside my teacher's house, which is where I'm staying (they are Huntsman spiders), but this one still gave me a start and I almost ran away when I saw it, but then I went to get my camera and kept an eye on it while I took pictures. I suppose it was the bright colors and bigger size that startled me. I'm not sure what that means; if they're the same species but a slightly different branch, or what. I am pretty sure all the big spiders are female, while the smaller lurkers in the webs are male. Maybe the bigger ones are older spiders or something.

I did a bit of research, and it was surprising. These are just huge and fancy garden spiders, and while these spiders do bite, their venom apparently isn't much of a problem for most people. I think the only way they'd bite is if you actually stuck your hand up close and tried to bother them. They stay still most of the time and only move to catch insects or do web checks and repairs. I thought the spider would be wildly dangerous because of the bright colors, but that could possibly be a simple defense mechanism, though it doesn't seem simple to me. It seems like evolutionary genius.
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