RE: Original Character MEME by EmeraldTokyo Picture

the MEME itself was made by EmeraldTokyo, I just filled it in with my stuff. And on a side note, this would be the first time i used my new tablet, so any advice on them would be appreciated. ^^
Draw OC: Well, there he is! Want the name? He doesn't have one. Couldn't figure one out for him (suggestions would be nice!)
Their Love Interest: Alexia. She wasn't a neko originally, but her powers allow her to change the biological structure of things, and she chose that form.
Best Friend: Thomas, his powers let him summon mythological creatures.
Powers: Wind and Fire elemental. He later becomes the King of Flames, granting him dominance over every flame in exsistence.
PEts: Each of the Five major flames has its own personality and lupine form, hence the kanji for fire here. his flames are his pets.
Worst Enemy: Lucifer himself. I had a tough time drawing him. ^^
Hobby: Drawing & Painting
Fav Food: Example is cake, but really anything sweet.
Fav Drink: Milk (trying to avoid cheesy jokes here)
Fav Place: Anywhere high up, but trees are a favorite because he gets to climb them.
Fav Weapon: Flaemis, his Devil Arm (weapon that can harm demons). Its a sword.
Worst Fear: Like most of the characters in his series, He's a Hell-Spawn, and part of his soul is that of a demon. He fears that demonic side taking over, because of the destruction it unleashes.
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