Tiamat Picture

For my final project in mythology class I decided to do a character illustration of the Babylonian goddess Tiamat. After much research I found a description and ended up with the above. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tiamat (or you D&D nerds like myself who thought she was a 5 headed dragon queen), here's the scoop:

Tiamat is one of the original gods of Bablyon and is the goddess of chaos and darkness (and a few other things, but they were changed over the years as her temple cities were converted). She is also known as the dragon queen. She was the mother of the other gods of Bablyon and when her husband, Apsu, demanded they kill all their children for being too noisy, she refused.

After Apsu, who didn't listen, was killed in his sleep by the other gods, Tiamat grew vengeful against her children and created a monster brood horde to deal with them. Marduk, the champion of the gods, managed to slay her by catching her in his magical net and filling her body with the four winds. When she couldn't retaliate, he sliced her in two and placed one half of her body in the sky to form the heavens and the other half below to form the earth.

She was said to be enourmous, with a serpentine body, the head and forelegs of a lion, and the wings and hindquarters of an eagle. She would swim or rise up out of the mirky waters of creation.

So, that's Tiamat (in a summary at least). Some of the info varies, but this seems to be the popular version.
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