Valar - guide of souls Picture

This is my contest entry for =CricketWings contest: [link]
Deity used: Charon
Character used: Valar
Place of myth's origin: Greece

So... I rarely ever participate in contests. I always plan to, and I'll have the journal sit in my notifications forever, but I rarely get past the sketching stage of a contest entry. I'm not sure why. But then, the other day, I saw CricketWings' contest, where you portray one of her characters as a mythological deity. The idea sounded so cool, and as I browsed a list of gods and goddesses I got even more sucked in to the idea.

As I was looking for a god to base my drawing off of I remembered that months ago, for some reason, I had thought about how Charon, the guide of souls in the underworld, was actually a cool character and didn't get enough art. So here was my chance to draw him. With my mind set on him, I went back to CricketWings' journal to see f any of her characters would portray Charon well. When I read through her character descriptions what do I find, but a character who guides souls! I was so excited, so I started sketching right away, and just had to finish it.

At first he was going be leaning over his boat, offering his hand to some poor soul. Well... I got him drawn and ok looking, but then the other person always ended up looking horrible, so I decided to go with what you see now. And I know Charon is normally depicted as old, with a beard. I tried that, but it didn't seem right with the character, especially since CricketWings described him as sexy. So this is him at a younger age, guiding souls.

I'm pretty proud of the anatomy (despite all the flaws which I'm aware of). I did everything without reference except for the hands and feet.

right hand ref: [link]
left hand ref: [link]
feet ref: [link]
water tutorial: [link]
rock texture: [link]

Valar (c)
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