merton's true love Picture

Merton J. Dingle is Tommy's best friend who helps him with his werewolf problem. He is a social outcast and a goth who is often the subject of bullying, especially by Tim and Travis. Tommy Dawkins and Lori Baxter are his only friends. He has converted his basement into what he calls his "lair", in which he, Tommy and later on, Lori use as their meeting place. He has a younger sister, Becky, with whom he has a rivalry with and who often calls him "a freaker", and tries to act like he doesn't exist. He is very protective of her, however, but this often annoys his sister. At the same time, she showed appreciation of Merton when he cheered her up after a potential date stood her up without explanation. He is often the comic relief of the show with his quirky personality and his often cowardly behaviour, but sometimes he has been shown to have courage by risking himself to save Tommy, such as when he leaped in front of Tommy and was turned to stone by Medusa instead of Tommy. He wishes that he were a werewolf too, often asking Tommy to pass on his lycanthropy to him, and even becoming a werewolf temporarily when he accidentally pricked his finger on one of Tommy's fangs during a dental exam. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things to do with mythology and movies, often giving movie references to everything. He is a budding screen writer and often tries to write screenplays, and even got one sent to Corey Feldman. Merton has had many love interests throughout the series, with the main one being Lori Baxter in the second and third seasons, sometimes fighting with Tommy over her. He is very loyal to Tommy, but there was a recurring joke in the series in that he would attempt to make deals with enemies, though Tommy ends up defeating them afterward.

this is Merton's true love. Cassandra. She is a vampire that feeds on werewolf blood!
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