Random Wuzzums poses Picture

It all started awhile back when I happened upon a rp with a friend of mine. At first I was like- "Okay, I'll just play the usual drunk and have fun." Yet... After awhile, it just got stale. I mean, all those whom do rp, you know what I mean by the typical Mary Sue/God-moding sceniro. After two weeks of that place... I just got sick of it.

All the girls were perfect with "...flowing golden locks of shimmering hair." Arg! Tried as I might with my usual drunk, I just could spoil their stupid fun. It wasn't an rp... It was a preteen fanasty.

So after a bit of plotting with darker side, I created a demon that would be based upon both Catholic demonology and choice mythology. I did some reserch and once I returned to the rp, I was a drunk no more! Behold! The chaotic/evil with chaotic/nuetral tendicies arch demon~ Wuzzums!

Standing height with the hat- 2' 11"
Age- Undetermined
Eye color if you could ever get that hat off- Yellow
Gender- Doesn't see the need to have one
Favorite food- Beef jerky and most sweets.
Hated food- Pumkin and seafood.
Favorite type of music- classical symphany and jazz
Loves- Master
Hobbies- Terrozing the local populas, killing the stupid people and publicily humilating 'Mary Sue's.
Fears- Master
Friend(s)- Snow

~.~ And there you have it. Random poses I sketched it out as. Note- Wuzzums is an 'it', not a he, not a she.... It's an on-going joke to make it the anti-stupid rp... *cackles at the inside-ness of the funny!!!*
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