DID CCG Template Picture

So I have thrown together this template so that you can have a go at making a DID CCG character card. This won't be a final draft so if you have any comments or suggestions let me know.

The file is pretty self explanatory in terms of where each different part needs to go but just in case you need any help;

I have made five different types of cards for you to create;
Urban (red): This is any character who is from modern day life, anthros and furries are absolutely fine so long as they wouldn't be out of place in an 'urban' setting. These cards should be fairly well balanced between all the different stats.
Wilds (Green): Any beasties, elves, tribes or others who are from the forest or wilds. These cards should tend to lean towards a large health pool with effects geared towards regeneration.
Demonic (Purple): Any magical entity who is malevolent or demonic in any way, they should have large attack pools with offensive effects.
Ethereal (Light Blue): Any magical entity who is benign or opposed to demonic forces. They should have large defense pools with defensive effects.
Fantastical (Dark Blue): Any character who is from a high fantasy or mythological background. These are balanced much as urban however their effects will probably be more themed.

One you've decided what aspect your card will be you'll need to decide what type of card it will be, villain, damsel or minion. Once you have decided make all the relevant layers visible. These should be easily labeled for you.

You need to put the cards life in the top right bubble with the little blood drop, for damsels you should put their resource value in the large circle next to the text box and minions will need attack, defense and the amount of damsel value needed to play them (Any of these could be zero.). Generally these values will be between 1-15, life points for a villain should max out at around 40 with most being in the 20s-30s, I'll work on balancing after I've mad the story card template! Have fun!!
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