Can I call this a sneak peak Picture

I haven't submitted any pictures for awhile but I've been drawing them.

I've decided, that I am going to make a manga (It'll be hard since I'm bad at backgrounds and action so I'll be getting reference books to help)
I already have the story made up, 4 main characters, 1 main villian and 3 of 7 other villians drawn, the other 4 designed.
I'm using classical mythology from various places around the world and mixing it up with stuff from my dreams, which inspired it and throwing it into a classican modern world.
I hope I can do it, it'll be so cool!
And of course, it'll be posted here (and maybe if I can find something to put it on as well.)

Okay so, this is the main character of my story, Aze Beau, a young orphan caught up with a strange man who tried to turn him into a demon but failed. The man fled leaving his failure in his house to go back to the heathen realms.
Aze, became neither human, neither heathen, a never. (Heathens are the monsters, demons and everything unhuman besides nevers in the world. Angels are even heathens haha)
The black on his hands and feet (And face and shoulder) are his Never markings.
When someone is transformed, the body changes slowly, sometimes starting at random body parts and spreading, the heathen infection stops making the Never and when they transform, the body turns black and after it fails, the body stays black.

When I upload his normal picture, I'll add his profile.

The picture is supposed to be in the rain...I just wanted to draw him shirtless and his hair looked so flat so I drew rain.

Ps;;I'm naming the story HNH which stands for the stories main organziations that are pretty much anti eachother.
Heathens never Humans and Heathens not Humans.
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