Momo Picture

This is from another idea for my story that is working pretty well for the moment. She's what you would call a muse, but unlike greek mythology, the muses in my story create demons, not inspration. Momo is one of these said creatures and she's a human muse. now since the Muses (there's only five) were really chosen for the unquie way they die i might as well tell you how she die (even though that was like three thousand years ago) She drown, now even though that's doesn't sound very unquie it's were she drown that's really werid. She drown in a fire. See? Weird. And because of that she somehow became contected to the time stream and therefore can remember everything that happens and usually has the latest idea of what the main fashion is. That's usually how she dress. The place where you see her is in her room, she does remeber where each stair case leads to. She's pretty big in my story cause she usually appaers a lot for one reason or another. The face you see is one of her demons, Chresure (like chresure cat). Chresure is usually used for getting information since he can travel pretty much whereever the hell he wants. and he does have a more solid form. And for some reason momo always has an umbrella around.
This was long and annoying. The stairs were and are still very evil. I'm not too used to drawing stairs too much that's why they look the way they do. and the idea is the evil maze that includes stair that have messed up gravity for some reason.
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