N. Igma Island Picture

Protected by the M-Force (As well as a few other superhero teams), this generally tropical paradise centered by a giant mountain with a confusing formation somewhere near the Wumpa Islands is a vexing one indeed, being inhabited by regular people, mutants, robots, aliens, your run-of-the-mill weirdos, superheros, supervillains, mad scientists, tons of other Si-Fi or Fantacy things and every creature from any nationality of mythology you can name (Except American).

Current State: Life goes on.

Features: Freakydale (Location of the M-Force's home base), Pandemoniumopolis, Mt. Conundrum, E.M.P.I.R.E Home Base and several other things I don't feel like naming (Even though it doesn't look like it).

So if YOU and your family are looking for a place for vacation and you can handle what the locals call "Everyday Life", then come on down to picturesque N. Igma Island where our motto is "We may be a bunch of random and potentially dangerous individuals, but we're just like you!"

Imagin this speach at the bottom as if it were being said by a guy talking really fast. Travel arrangements must be verified by a government official. N. Igma Island officials not responsible for any items lost, stolen, destroyed or eaten by the locals. If you are killed during your stay, the military will do everything in their power to erase the memory of everything you ever did in your entire life from everyone you ever met and make it seem as if you never existed. Any Martial Arts form you know will not be enough compared to the professionals you run into during your stay. Ask your doctor if N. Igma Island is right for you! Not safe for people on medication, injured or pregnant. Not valid in Vermont or Rhode Island. We know where you live. No relation to or connection with Jonathan Necros Igma [link] Abandon all sanity, ye who enter here.
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