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Seamus asked me to do a series of self-portraits in anime style for my paintings this semester. He thought it would be interesting, something different from usual. I was a little nervous to do it, but it ended up being a lot of fun. He had me do more detailed patterns in the background to contrast the general flatness of the cartoony style.

For my series, I did my best to portray myself as the Shishin, the Four Divine Guardians of Japanese mythology. Mostly because I thought it would be interesting, and a little easier to work in patterns, since I could use kimono or paper patterns meant to represent the seasons.

This is the second, portraying myself as Suzaku, the Red Phoenix, guardian of the south, the season of summer, and the element of fire. Unfortunately, when looking at all the others, one can tell that this is the only one I didn't use a picture reference of myself for. Please forgive my collar bone for being out of place. o.o;; My eye is finally the right color. Yay! Didn't have trouble coming up with the background this time, but I had issues with the color scheme. But it did show me that my favorite color gradient ever is bright orange to raspberry. <33~ <.<; I'm still not sure if I like the actual pattern on the ribbons. It kind of looks like a swarm of gnats congregated on my canvas and got stuck in the paint. >< But the colors and blending - or relative lack thereof - came out well this time. ^-^b

Overall, I give this one a grade of Not Quite So Fail. -.-

Oil and ink on canvas board. <3~

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