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Lol ok, here we go. First meme of many XD

Doctor Who
My family's been watching it since about the time of Tom Baker (<3) and so I grew up with doctor who. Never mind the fact that I live near cardiff and sometimes see them filming new stuff for either doctor who or torchwood. It basically got me into science fiction in the first place.

NASA Hubble Space Telescope has brought back some of the most beautiful images I have seen on a photograph and has inspired me in my spaceart making.

Harry Potter
Good ol' Harry. He got me into reading he did, and Im glad he did too.

His Dark Materials
I love how Phillip wrote this not caring about the christians who wanted his books burnt.

He's my art insparation. If im not doing space scene's, im doing political art, and he's the center of it in my opinion.

V for Vandetta
Same with the political thingy a bob. Plus I love V.

I love all music since I consider it another extention of your inner voice.

Old Libraries and History in general
They hold alot of secrets and historial facts that not many people know of. I love learning history, but I like learning the whole thing, and not just from who won.

Ahh, my home country, land of the original britons, home of one of the oldest languages in europe. Tolkein must have liked wales because the sindarin language and some of the elven countryside is based on wales.

Again, this includes the whole compass on what it means to be celtic, mainly the whole mythology behind it and how in is used in todays society.
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