Professor Rachael Poinciana and Lah Teeda Picture

So here's some more sprites. I'll be honest, Lah Teeda was more of a time killer, and I couldn't name her right because my idiot friends kept shouting these stupid names at me. She looked better when i first started her, but now she's looking 70 instead of 17 like i planned. blah.

Anyway, here we have Professor Poincianna (look it up bitches), who is the professor for the Oknawi region and was a penpal of Proffessor Willow from the Kaizia region. Her specialty is in space study, specifically studying constellations and other heavenly figures while comparing it to research relative to ancient reportings of alien Pokemon. The best place to study this? Near the tropics, where the city lights don't blind the sky.

She's pretty friendly, but rather huggy and a fresh graduate from Sootopolis University in Hoenn. She's always been fascinated by the stars and is eager to teach others about them. She's actually rather close to your age (aka she's datable
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