Fayle OC wip Picture

.: Just a webcam photo of my very first version of Fayle Nightingale (as I've decided to call him. Fay is Gaelic for Raven, and his hair is blue-black so that works out good). Lol but his fringe can flip the other way (as I've doodled him in other places in my books trying to figure it out and how he's like... Like I said, it's just a pic, who knows what will happen. Misery and him together in a room would not be great o_o;;; Fayle has a genetic order called SMS which you can read about here [link] which made me realise I have to change some of his physical features a little (in the face especially) hence me mentioning the figuring him out now. I mean, I read about SMS on the internet about this young girl in my country who had it, so I was thinking straight away, need a new OC with this o_o; Unfortunately male I like making my guys suffer/have trouble lol rather than female as that would be super bitchy like and horrible. Anyway, hope I can do lots of things with him even if I don't put them on here lol. Oh and the dark things between his legs are chains to keep his legs together since he's not wearing a straight jacket (that's right) that makes his arms wrap around his knees when he sits. Um, sorry for the crappy quality, just showing him off for those who look at my scraps
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