Rico Asakura Picture

Age: 15
Gender: female
Height: 5'3''
Likes: J-Pop, Movies, Karaoke, vampire mythology
Dislikes: Tights spaces

1st-year high school student, amateur movie critic, vampire myth aficionado, and a little pushy, Rico Asakura was born in Japan ,but after her parents divorced, she was left in the custody of her father and they flew to America where she spent 11 years of her life. Upon finishing Middle School, she went back to Japan to finish high school there.

She stays at the town of Kashiba with her Brother, Hidoshi, a 3rd-year high school student who is running a flower shop that their mother managed, until she was hospitalized by an unknown disease. While her stay at Kashiba, she met a lot of great people and was able to adapt to the foreign environment.

-side story i -
While Rico was at Kashiba, one of the many places she would visit would be the local library to do more research on vampire mythology, but one day, a certain book she wanted to read that she found out was at the library had been borrowed by one of the librarians (wonder who that is? ) for some time now. She asks one of the librarians where the person lived and decided to visit the person. She eventually came to an apartment building and was standing at the door. At first she was hesitant to knock at the door, but she mustered enough courage to knock at the door. In a few minutes, she was greeted by a young man that answered the door. She asked if a person named Shiro Kenji was in the building, and the man answered that he was Shiro Kenji. She then introduces herself and tell him his reason for visiting, which was to see if he was done with the book called Shiki ( coincidence not related to the manga, which in my opinion was a mixed bag with a little to the OK side, have not watched the anime) that he borrowed. After hearing the name of the book he realized that he forgot to return it for some time. He invites her to come in and wait while he tries to look for the book. Upon entering, she sees a pile of books stacked at a table, but beside that it looked pretty normal. She decided to look at the books, and to hers surprise it was books about vampire lore and mythology. At first she suspects him being a fellow aficionado, but she also sees other books on others subjects on mythology, so she decides not to think into it. While waiting for Shiro it soon became dark, and then she was greeted by a little girl that seemed to have just awakened due to her appearance and her tired looked. Rico didn't realize anything at first about the girl, at first she thinks that the she is probably a relative of Shiro's, but she then realizes that the girl is a little pale, so Rico assumes that it was due to sickness, but when she looked at her tired eyes and also saw that she wasn't breathing at all. After a few minutes of observation, though she didn't want to rule the possibility, especially since it's the first time seeing her, that the girl is a...... Before she could finish the sentence in her head, Shiro returns with the book after a half-hour. He notices the girl and realized how long it had taken to have found the book and apologizes to Rico for making her wait for so long. He introduces Rico to Nozomi Kenji, his cousin from the city who wanted to live in a quiet town. After a couple of minutes of talking, Rico decided to leave, but before doing so she asks if he believed in vampires. At first he hesitated for a couple of seconds but answers by saying that " the world holds many strange things, whose to say whats real or not, but for me, you could say that I need to believe it." With his confusing answer in her head, Rico walked with questions she wish to find out now. At first she only looked into the myth of vampires because it interested her, not that she thought it was true or anything, but now she wonders if they do exist. After coming home and going to her room, she decided to get started on the book, but when she opened it she notices a note in it. It looked like a letter that Shiro wrote to his father, he must have accidentally left it in the book. She then decided to read what the letter said out of curiosity...........tbc
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