PKMN Crossing APP - Anne Picture

My app for this group x'D

- NAME: Anne
- NICKNAME: None by now >w>
- AGE: 17
- BIRTHDAY: November 7th
- GENDER: Female
- NATURE: Gentle
- POKEMON: Ninetales
- HOMETOWN: Traveler, she never established a home...

Anne was a trainer's ninetales, and also his best friend...
But her gentle nature wouldn't let her battle, though she'd do it for the love for him. Anne was not the strongest, but she was one to do her best!

She was his second pokémon, caught in the wild as a cute vulpix. At first timid, she would isolate herself from him and his cyndaquil starter. After a few try outs, some candies and lots of patience they became best friends. Anne soon got the first place in line for battles, since on the battles against wild pokémon she'd win easily.

After a while they got to trainer x trainer battles. And that was when things got wrong. After seeing the determination of other pokémon to win against her for their trainers happiness, Anne stopped fighting.

Her trained tried to talk to her, but ended up giving up. He started raising his other pokémon with more frequency than he trained her, which made the young Ninetales sad...

So her trainer decided to send her on the way to a place called Pokette, that once he heard of. Even though he'd miss her, he'd also do anything for his friend's happiness.

Anne got her lonely way to where said place would be located... She wasn't sad, though. Friends are forever, but that doesn't mean you get to see them every time. As long as they keep each others on their hearts there is nothing to keep you from being happy.

- HOBBY: She loves to study chemistry (she's an alchemy lover), to know what the things around her are made of, and mythology. She also loves to read.
- JOB: Anne don't have a job, yet.
- FAVORITE FOOD: She's kind of addicted to chocolate (white is her favorite). Loves pasta, too.
- FAVORITE BERRY: Tamato Berry (It have the same effect of chocolate, makes her happy)
- CATCHPHRASE: Says a lot of 'Nyaaa' or 'Waaa' before things ('nyaaa' when happy/good surprised, 'Waaa' when sad/scared/bad surprised.)
- ACCESSORIES: Glasses (have myopia) and a necklace. Hair tied on a ponytail.

Anyone noticed that my main characters share the name 'Anne'? xD

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