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Dreams: This is where probably at least 50% of my ideas originate from. Makes me feel like a cheater sometimes, but it's just a great big well of inspiration and ideas. Image is taken from The Sandman, and is of a part of Dream's domain naturally.

Marianne Curley: Ho boy. Her books were a huge influence on my current writing style. That being first person present tense, and I haven't looked back since. Cover art for The Named, the first book in the Guardians of Time Trilogy. I have recently (finally) found a copy of Old Magic and I couldn't be happier.

Music: Like, well, just about everyone else, a lot of my ideas come from songs. Music helps me capture a mood or a scene in my head, so that if I ever need to go back to that particular scene I just play the appropriate song and there I go! As a result I listen to just about every kind of music. Image was stumbled across during a Google search. I think it actually came from a wedding planning site. O_o

X-Men: Oh come on. How could I not put that on there? Specifically what influences me are the characters and array of powers. Using your natural abilities in new and creative ways to overcome obstacles and challenges. Plus the different group dynamics and personalities. Image is a more modern drawing of the original X-Men team.

Tim Bowler: Currently my favourite author. I love how he handles the supernatural genre and the broad spectrum of characters he has created so far. Featured is the book cover for Frozen Fire, my favourite book of his that I've read so far.

Mythology: For some reason I love reinventing the old myths and legends. I draw on a lot of different mythologies, but Greek mythology is the biggest influence. Native American myths are a close second. Image is obviously of Hermes, who is also my favourite Greek god.

Impossible Technology: Sorry. I had to make that text much smaller in order to make it fit. Anyway, I don't typically use scientific elements in my stories. I lean more towards fantasy elements. However, that's steadily changing though I'm using more pseudo-science than real science. Steampunk is a big one for me right now. And yes, that is a steampunk Dalek. Not sure who made it, but whoever made that is pure awesome.

Dragons: To be honest I'm influenced by most creatures from mythology, folklore, fantasy, and whatever else. That said, dragons are the biggest influence. It's probably because there are so many different types of dragons out there and I love being able to play around with the different characteristics. Picture was just found in a random Google search. Not sure who the artist is.

Magic: As I said earlier, I lean more towards using fantasy elements than sci-fi elements. I've always been fascinated by the concept of magic, mainly the will-power based versions. Fantasia was the best way I could convey what I love most about it. Using something fantastic to do something mundane, and what can happen when things go wrong.

Four Elements: Yeah, I know there are other versions where there are way more than just four, but this is the version I use. The whole concept of everything having categories appeals to my slightly OCD nature. They were more of an influence in my much earlier stories where I could draw on them as a base for characters, settings, and whatever else I needed. For the record, I wish I had those pins. >.>

Animals: Despite being my first love, they don't come up a lot in my stories. I don't write animal stories because I've never really felt comfortable with them. Yet they will always be a huge inspiration, and an excellent benchmark for super-human capabilities. I chose a picture of a sea otter because sea otter is sea otter. That is all.

Life: You would need some excellent debate skills to convince me that life can not influence someone's work. Just about anything can be turned into a story. Fall leaves blowing down the street, and my friends and I doing incredibly stupid things. For a good example of this, I would suggest Charles de Lint's Newford stories. The Newford stories mix everyday life with fantasy elements. I chose a picture of Earth because life is really hard to visualize properly, and frankly speaking I doubt mine will leave this planet any time soon.

DeviantArt: Yes, it has to be said. This place has helped me grow as a writer and I'm looking forward to growing more. I've received feedback, gained exposure, and also just wandered around looking for inspiration. So yeah. Thank you all my creepers and lurkers for helping me become a better writer. But you wouldn't believe how much trouble I had finding a good quality picture of the logo. Yeesh.

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