Burnt Alive Picture

We were asked to create an assemblage piece for my Drawing from Mythology class based upon an urban legend. The story I chose to use is technically not an urban legend, and is in fact entirely true, but it's the kind of thing urban legends are made of.

A few years ago, a man was tied to a tree and burned alive in a town near my home. At the time, my brother was living out of his car - a white Volkswagen Jetta. This may seem odd, because he wasn't exactly poor. I'm pretty sure he was working two jobs full time and taking a class or two at the community college, and if you were to see him, you would never have guessed he was homeless. He was always nicely groomed and dressed in a well-pressed suit. It wasn't as though he could not afford an apartment - it was a financial decision. In order to help support his young son and pay for his classes, he chose to give up the luxery of a true home, and made due by being the very crafty and clever person that he is. A problem arose from this, however, as he had a lot of stuff and no place to keep it. Rather than selling it all, he decided to bag some things up in plastic garbage bags (mainly clothes, I believe,) and bury them in the woods. Hey - it's cheaper than paying for storage. As I understand it, he planned to dig them back up when he got a place to stay. It was shortly after that the man died his fiery death. A woman reported in the newspaper that she spotted a white car around the scene of the crime. Unfortunately for my brother (though not "burned-to-death" unfortunate,) this meant he was not going to be obtaining his buried possessions anytime soon.

The tree is made of sculpy built around a wire armature. I drew the details of the ground with black ink then colored it using colored pencils. The corpse is made of raisins glued onto a wire armature I constructed.
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