Pansabo Picture

This is a sort of Fantasy race I tried to create for the story I'm going to try and write for this summer's NaNoWriMo.

I tried to make them different but they ended up faun-like -.- so that's a big whup of a failure hahaha...

The Pansabo are a peaceful race, and are by far the oldest of races in Lozaria. They are the rightful owners of a mythical object called the Artiquet, which is the source of all magical power, including the raw powers of nature itself. They were originally forest-dwellers to the west, where they used the Artiquet to protect themselves from the threats that lived in the forest. The monsters that lurked in this place also served as a natural barrier to those who dare enter. But one day, the Artiquet disappeared, thus leaving them, too, vulnerable to the dangers. They moved west, to the vast plains, where they began a life of agriculture. They had lost their magic, and soon became forced to meet and ally themselves with other races, mainly Men.

They had brought souvenirs, so that the successors of their race would not forget their true origins. They planted a tree, which were of fair number in the forests. The Artiquet could be stored in them, and the tree serves as a sort of 'signal tower' for the magic. In the forest, space was limited, so the trees didn't grow very big. But in the plains, one specimen of this tree grew to an incredible size - it is now the biggest landmark in the plains, that can be seen from the surrounding coastlines and mountains which are miles and miles away.

The Artiquet has sunk into mythology, some Pansabo now even take it as merely a children's story. But if the Artiquet would ever be returned, the Pansabo would regain their rightful place in the world.

One last note - They speak Frenglish. :3
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