Titles are tedious Picture

So, Raven again. Before anyone hounds me concerning where I placed this, she is a SHAPESHIFTER. Shapeshifters have their place in mythology and the like(I use Norse folklore as a base), and her supernatural element is being able to control the non-organic materials around her, namely, metals. So nyeh.

Continuing on, not the picture I promised to finish earlier, but a different one. Raven in color, *gasp*. I should have gone to bed because I have to work tomorrow, but I took a nap from 8-10pm, so I sat in the living room and drew instead. What started out as a random doodle ended up being a caricature-ish type picture of Raven doing what she does best (aside from all her supercool angsting, of course), and that is shifting inanimate stuff.

If I were to make a webpage for this comic/novel that keeps going in circles development-wise, this would be her profile image. Just cause.

My scanner ruined the colors, so I had to play with them a little bit. It looks much nicer in person, I assure you. Buuuut I digress.

When I eventually get around to coloring the other Raven image, I'll post her background info.

Note: Drawing metal-anything is a pain in the ass.

On another side note: Her head is huge, and it irritates me. Rargh.
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