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A cute pixel we'll be using as our respective character for this account.


Name: Rachel Lee Airashi

Nickname: Rachelly (said like Rachel and Lee combined)

Sex: ♀

Age: 20

Birthday: January 6th

Height: 5"11

Weight: 124 lbs.

Species: Sighter (Human Form)

Personality: Nice, overwhelmed, stressful, care-giving, sweet, indecisive, kind, overly worried, busy, and bold.

Bio: When her parents gave her the Adopt Plaza (age 18) she was overjoyed. Her parents always loved their work, and she thought she would too. What she didn't know that was running this place is much harder than it looks. She's always busy working at the Plaza. She would really like some help with the place, but who knows if anyone will take a job?

Occupation: Manager (Owner) of The Airashi Adopt Plaza

Relationship Status: Single, and doesn't have much time to meet new people

Preference: Heterosexual

Crushes: No time for that

Likes: Green, blue, chains+gems, mythology, outdoors, making and having friends, designing, animals, days without work, and seeing her parents.

Dislikes: Yellow, plaid, tartan, Gothic, high heels, shoes in general, busy work days, scary stories, being confined somewhere, rude people, not too crazy about pink, bananas, and unneeded pity.

Abilities: Running fast and long, designing, persuasive, intelligent, can assure people with her sweet smile, and can see things extremely far away (as if wearing binoculars).

Pixel Doll © kittykatyoyo

Base is by CakeMasterMyaKochell

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