Don Blake Picture

Donald Blake in this alternate Marvel Universe is a world renowned archaeologist & historian specializing in Norse history & mythology. His expertise in Norse myths & history brings him to the attention of Loki, who uses his mystical abilities to covertly fuel Blake & his research team into seeking the hiding place of the mythical Destroyer, the Asgardian doomsday weapon created by Odin hidden on Earth centuries ago, which Loki seeks to gain & use against Asgard. Blake & his team are successful in locating the long secret hiding place of the Destroyer, which Loki wastes no time in claiming & going on a rampage in order to test it's might prior to executing his plans to take it to Asgard. It is the arrival of Thor in his role as Gaea's heir as Champion of the Earth that prevents Loki from bringing the Destroyer to Asgard and Blake's knowledge regarding myths surrounding the Destroyer aided Thor in defeating the Destroyer. Blake and members of his research team went on to become regular allies & confidants to Thor as he began to spend more expanded time in the Earth Realm taking up a more active role as it's defender due to the various activities of Loki & the other extra dimensional enemies of Asgard on Earth. For a brief period of time there was tension between Blake and Thor as well as with Blake's research partner, Jane Foster, due to a short lived romance between Thor & Foster, which resulted in Blake coming to the realization that he in fact had feelings for Foster beyond their professional relationship. Blake & Foster have recently started a relationship beyond being professional colleagues.
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