Frytsenzen The Frozen Realm Picture

This is the Northern Continent. Known as "The Ice Continent" or "Frozen Kingdom." Frytsenzen.

This land is extremely cold, with its population almost all locating in the southern part of the land, so as to avoid the North because of extreme weather and the creatures that would live there. His government is to reign, but the last king died more than 50 years, even when the capital was located in Wallachia and control of the country rests with the Royal Regent, Secondary syphilis descended from a branch of the royal family (who moved the capital to Azhein).

The country has a territory very unsuitable for growing anything, but the forests that adorn the mountains to the north are famous for containing special trees and can produce fruits that grow even in the harsh winter, and they are also hunted for eastern Europe make structural. The majority of the population survives also the practice of fishing, as the northern seas are home to many large fish and large shoals of fish.
They are known in the rest of the world its mines, which produce about 3 / 4 of any metal known in the world and find there is only metal and amazing properties.
Like its mines are incredible, his master-smiths and craftsmen are notorious reputation due to their work. Even in the legends of the North armor and weapons are mentioned. An item produced in this region is considered a work of art anywhere in the world.

The winter in this land is something outstanding. Anyone who ventures in the North at this time runs the same risk of dying in the desert as if during the height of summer. Besides the brutal snowstorms and darkness of the night (Frytsenzen is located near the North Pole, then at the height of winter, the night lasts for 1 whole month, which goes for days during the summer), there are a number of elusive creatures that surround the fields, mountains and forests, the demand for food (almost 99% of them are super-carnivorous predators such as wolves and worse). This makes travel interrupted during the "Month of the Night," for reasons of public security.

For a better imagination of the place, think about what would be a union between the Scandinavian cultures and ancient 13th-century Germany. The place I thought to create this continent Seir Azghard of Norse mythology with Romania share similar stories of monsters (who like medieval town shaken by the climate and legends, as in the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow).
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