The Works: 2002 - 2005 Picture

Yep, that's them alright. Basically everything I've ever drawn since I started messing about with scanners and Photoshop back in 2002 right through to the end of 2005. Of course, you'll notice some wildly varying levels of skill. You might also notice how I was somewhat more adventurous back then - some pieces include nifty Terragen backgrounds, of all things!

The oldest is probably the vaguely Mycenaean archer in the top-left corner. The most recent is the scantily-clad priestess wielding those large sacrificial daggers near the bottom-right corner. Some things there I'm particularly pleased with, others, of course, are pretty embarrassing.

Many of these were up at my Elfwood gallery back in the day. Some would not have been allowed because of their' un-fantastic or fan-art nature. Some of them are fan-art in subject, some are sci-fi, some are plain old high fantasy, some are mythological or legendary, and some are historical. Some are from my own historical fantasy setting; which I brought to fruition in the early days of this period and continue to craft to this very day.

I must say I'm glad to see them all in the one place; and I'm quite surprised as to how prolific I actually was back then. I suppose I can safely put that down to the fact that many of them, due to their' simplicity, could have been started and subsequently completed within a single evening.

Nonetheless, it feels good to have them all up in one place, where they can be seen and commented upon. They weren't doing anyone any good just rotting on my hard-drive.

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Thanks for viewing.

Edit: Figured that there was nothing inherently scrappy about this piece, so I've moved it into my main gallery.
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