Character Reference - Xezbeth Picture

I'mma start making and posting character reference sheets! For no reason! I mean, this character isn't even scheduled to show up in a visual work!


This is a mostly minor character in a story series that I'm trying to push myself to write. She's Xezbeth, but you can call her Beth, because nobody pronounces the "Xez" right, so she's just given up on that.

Once upon a time, she was a demon with great powers over manipulation of the truth. She still retains some of this power, being able to convince most anybody of anything, and can always tell if somebody is telling the truth or not.

Being the master of lies, her backstory is dubious, and changes often. People pretty much always believe what she has to say. All that's for certain is she fucked up somewhere and got put into a doll construct. She's a little upset about this, to say the least, but doesn't mind spending her time helping a local associate with the dark forces with various things.

For a demon, Xezbeth isn't all that evil. She ain't no saint, but she's unlikely to knock over a bank after murdering everybody inside. She saves the murder for people who are asking for it, and doesn't harm anybody when robbing the place. Being stuck in a place where a living doll isn't the norm, if you get to meet her, chances are you could become friends, if only because she needs SOMEBODY to make fun of.

So this started off when I was looking at Banette, and got a character idea (obvious from the zipperteeth and perhaps the arms).
Eventually I started looking for a name and found "Jezebeth", and then started looking to figure out what the hell the demon Jezebeth was known for. THERE IS NO INFORMATION ON THE DETAILS OF JEZEBETH ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET. I found that sometimes she goes by Xezbeth, and started looking up that instead. Wikipedia article! Stub. Still no information. The internet is stupid. So instead I decided that I could make up WHATEVER THE HELL I WANTED. Take that, mythological history.

In the end, this all comes down to
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