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1. The world - From biodiversity to human culture and history to geology, I love this place.

2. The World - I've been a fan of the .Hack universe since the very first time I played .Hack//INFECTION.

3. Table-top RPGs - Some of my fondest and happiest memories were rolling dice with pals. Even got me into LARPing way back when.

4. Final Fantasy - Amano's art has had a special place in my heart since my earliest days of gaming. Now, I find myself playing almost anything Square Enix.

5. Comic Books! - Super heroes, vigilantes, crime noir, manga, or other. Some for art, some for stories, and some for both.

6. Religion and Mythology - Sort of an extension of why I like the Earth and the people on it, but a strong influence independently.

7. Military Forces - Weaponry, the uniforms, the concept of one person as a part of a larger force. I think it's pretty damn awesome.

8. Hideo Kojima Games - Yesssss.

9. Fantasy novels - I hope that someday my imagination can provide as much entertainment for other people.

10. Dragons - Of course.

11. Science - The fiction is optoinal.

12. My Friends and Colleagues! In alphabetical order:
A. Art class pals (*Impy-Kun, ~PeopleCallMeMaurice, ~ThermalFaerie)
B. ~ChaosRAZ
C. ~OffSetWinter
D. ~Renzeinkerz
E. ~ZenzoNightra

The only intellectual property of mine on this happen to be top right and bottom left, dice and hand respectively. This meme was made by `fox-orian.

Amazing artists not featured in this meme: `Endling, ~eouen, *AramisAbbatDerBlae, *Ranagol, ~Captain-Trident.
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