Sabriel- Ninth Gate Calls Picture

original decription-
"Okay... Here it is!!! I've finally taken the time to finish my pride and joy, Sabriel...

As you might already know, Sabriel is the main character in the first book of Garth Nix's "Abhorsen"/"Old Kingdom" trilogy, and a secondary character in the other two... In the third book, her younger sister, Lirael, finally takes on her duties of Abhorsen-in-Waiting and Remembrancer. In order to do that, she is obliged to go all the way to the last gate of Death, the Ninth Gate (a place that each Abhorsen is due to see sooner or later)... and, in my opinion, that is the most beautiful scene in the whole series of books!!!

For those who have not read the trilogy: Death is, in Garth Nix's books (just like in ancient mythology), portrayed as a river... The river of Death passes through nine different gates, and the place between two gates is called a "precint". Each Precint of Death is different from the others: the air is different, the flow and the speed of the river are different, the sky is different, the atmosphere, everything!!! The Precints are usually dark and gloomy, unwelcoming. And, of course, the further you go into Death, the more difficult it will be to get back out - those who pass the Ninth Gate have no way of coming back again. Lirael, of course, expected the Ninth Precint and the Ninth Gate to be horrid and terrible... But, when she passed the Eight Gate, she had the surprise of falling into a place of silence... Here, the water was not as deep as in all the other
places, and the sky was finally visible - not a blurred gray one, as in the other precints, but a starry mass of blackness... When she looked at those stars, Lirael felt inner-peace and a desire to outstrech her arms, and give her soul away to Death... but the thought that she had duties to be done back home kept her from going all the way. The Disreputable Dog, who was there with her, told young Lirael the words that I wrote at the bottom of the image - nobody could interfere, everybody had to decide for themselves whether or not it was their time to go...

Because I liked that scene so much, I thought of what Sabriel's first encounter with the Ninth Gate must have been like... So I thought of Drawing it! "

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