Good Friends Picture

In a world where psychics are becoming an increasing member of the human populace, there is at least some normalcy in one humble city.

In this city, even those with the mysterious stigma coexist peacefully among the others, kept anonymous thanks to the machinations of the government. Despite this, even the psychics of this peaceful city can escape the deadly game being laid out specifically for them; a very game that has already spread out to other corners of the world...

Here are two carefree high schoolers about to get caught in the madness.

The guy on the left is Ballad Windsor, an earnest and outgoing guy who likes throwing himself in the thick of things.

He was originally an orphan who was living in Hong Kong until he wound up in the United States and was adopted by a caring foster family due to the curious actions of the American Government.

His interests include acting, basketball, Jeet Kun Do, Philosophy, and Celtic Mythology. The last one being because, despite being raised in Hong Kong for most of his life, he is of strong Celtic descent, and feels close to his heritage through the myths. He likes Jeet Kun Do because he's a Bruce Lee fanboy that needs no excuse otherwise.

Wherever he goes, he always tries to lighten the mood and cheer up everyone around him. He's not really naive, as he simply prefers being optimistic and fun-loving. In reality, he's exceptionally perceptive and catches on to things about places and people others don't notice so easily.

On the right is Laurel, an equally-earnest, but introverted girl.

Unlike Ballad, she's a native of the city, and had a relatively mundane upbringing. Otherwise, she has an overflowing imagination that allows her to see things in many unique ways. Despite their differences, Laurel is Ballad's first, and best friend since he moved in at Middle School.

Laurel is an avid drawer fond character and creature design. Oddly enough, she isn't too interested in the fantasy genre, but Ballad's constant prodding and his extensive knowledge of mythology has steadily caught her attention. He's also suggested she could be a great writer as well, but she prefers to stick to her art.

Of course, considering the stuff brought up earlier, their carefree lives are about to get rocked...
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