University Project: The Fall of the Fortress Picture

I was away for some days because I was drawing and doing this with the tablet on both the Bamboo at home and the Cintiq at university. It was a project that I did to remake one of my original projects about mythology. The assignment was given to me while I was attending summer university, but finished it now at August 13th, 2014. What this is about is my take on a fictional event I thought of that happened within the Second Battle of Magh Tureidh. The mythological creatures that I researched used are supposed to be the Fomorians and the Tuatha De Danann. In here, I mainly wanted to show the destruction of a fortress within the plains of Magh. Magh Tureidh means 'plain of pillars,' by the way. So this was some of my take on how the battle went forth. If you don't know, this panel shows the Fomorians' decisive victory that later leads to the decisive victory by the Tuatha De Danann.

Some backstory as to how this happened:

King Nuadha, the King of the Tuatha De Danann, was forced to abdicate his throne since he lost his arm to a duel with a Fir Bolg named Sreng during the First Battle of Magh Tureidh. He was replaced with another named Bres. Bres is a halfbreed of Fomorian and Tuatha De Danann, but he favored the Fomorians more than the Tuatha De Danann. He became unpopular by the people he was ruling over. He made the Tuatha De Danann work as slaves. After seven years of his tyranny, Nuadha was restored to the throne when his arm was fixed by Dian Cecht, Creidhne, and later by Cecht's son, Miach. Bres goes to his father, Elatha, for help to retake the throne. Elatha refused to help Bres because of Bres' unjust deeds. Instead, Elatha led Bres to Balor of the Evil Eye, another Fomorian leader. From there, the Second Battle of Magh Tureidh begins. Nuadha led his people alongside Lugh, another Tuatha de Danann who would take Nuadha's place as King later. The other side is led by Bres and Balor. The fight begins but it was a decisive Tuatha De Danann victory. However, Nuadha dies by being beheaded by Balor. Lugh avenges the King by killing Balor with a slingshot. The battle ends as Lugh finds Bres unprotected and alone. Lugh spares Bres but with the one condition that Bres is to teach the Tuatha De Danann how and when to plough, sow, and reap.

Applications used:

Paint Tool Sai
Adobe Photoshop CS6

Devices used:

Wacom Bamboo
Wacom Cintiq
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