Volani Petris Picture

Name: Volani Petris

Name reasoning: Volani is a play on Volans which is the name of constellation flying fish. Petris is a combination of Piscis which is the first name of the constellation and Petrus the first name of the man who discovered it.

Age: 6 sweeps

Sex: Female

Lusus: Fish with large wings that can 'fly'. It senses danger so it makes noises to warn Volani.

Theme and Symbol: Her symbol is Volans (Flying Fish). Her theme is exile or being put out of ones comfort zone.

Trolltag: restrainedMythologist (RM)

Trolltag explanation: The restrained part is because she is kinda restrained on what she can or can't do since her lusus worries about her when she does something dangerous even though she enjoys danger. She doesn't like making her lusus worry so she doesn't take part in the things she enjoy that often. The mythology part is because she enjoys reading up on mythology and likes to go searching for more myths.

Blood: Violet (#962b95)

Height: 5'8"

Powers: None

Basic Personality: Volani gets bored very easily so she tries to switch things up such as making new friends and forgetting about old ones or even changing the way her room looks. She is always on the move because her lusus is targeted by other lusii or trolls who hunt lusii. Whenever it starts making noises to warn her about danger she packs up whatever stuff she has and moves. She is uncaring about many things and is very suspicious of many trolls. She's blunt and shows little to no sympathy if she hurts someone else's feelings since its 'not her problem'. She often feels like a 'fish out of water' but tends to drift away from other trolls since she doesn't trust anyone enough to tell them about her feelings. Volani is more of the lone wolf type. She knows her lusus doesn't like her participating in dangerous things like exploring the dark caverns of the ocean or flarping so she tries not to do anything dangerous to not worry her. Volani is very interested in mythology as many of the creatures are dangerous and violent. She can be very violent when provoked and as soon as that happens you better watch your back.

Interests: Mythology, Flarping, Exploring dark caverns, Setting off bombs, Doing anything dangerous.

Dislikes: Someone taking her out of her comfort zone, Being challenged, Betrayal.

- No capitalization or punctuation.
-Starts and ends her sentences with dashes as if they were wings.
-Only uses fish puns when she feels uncomfortable.
-She gives no one nicknames as she doesn't care enough since they will probably be pushed aside sooner or later.
-Laughter: heh heh heh

Hemoloyalty: She is really loyal to it and only has had her quadrants filled by highbloods. She is kinda wary of the lowbloods and doesn't like to converse with them much.

Strife Specibus: Explosivekind. A bunch of grenades she uses to blow up the caverns she goes into for fun.

Fetch modus: When an object is captchalogued, it is sealed within a bomb. The bomb has a window on it that reveals what the code is and how much time you have to disable it. The bomb only activates once the red button on the top is pressed. As soon as it is you have a limited amount of time to disable the bomb and retrieve your item. If you don't disable the bomb in time it will explode, destroying your item and most likely the things around it. The time you have to disable the bomb is different depending on the size of the item you captchalogue.

Hive: Her hive constantly changes but she manages to make do with whatever she can and turn it into her own. She is currently living in the very back of an underwater cave.

Ancestor: While exploring when her lusus was asleep Volani came across a large amount of jars with scrolls placed delicately inside them, a bunch of old books on mythology, and a necklace. The scrolls seemed to be written by someone named The Fallaciloquence (Fallaciloquence meaning deceitful speech). The Fallaciloquence wrote about how she tricked other trolls into hunting riches for her in the most dangerous parts of the sea and land by promising to share the prizes with them then killing them if they made it out alive. She seemed to be a selfish troll who cared for nobody but herself.

Dancestor: *WIP

Game Related-

Title: Prince of Rage??? Or Maid of Void??? I'm still figuring this one out. A little help would be nice.

Planet: Land of Silence and Chains. A land where everything is silent, a little too silent but that might just be because all of the consorts are either locked away or in hibernation. The land is dark the only light source are the glowing rocks. Giant chains that the denizen set up are all over the land, blocking passages and/or secrets. There are keys littered around the land but each key opens a certain lock.

Quest: To find all the keys and find a way to wake up the consorts or help them from where they are trapped.

Moon: Derse

Consorts: Dark blue Frogs

Denizen: Prometheus
Continue Reading: Places