office yume strikes again Picture

this is pretty unfinished. but i dont think i'm really going to finish it, and i needed more crap to upload. true story.
ok so i work at my mom's office. its this place called Wyvern. though it may sound mystical and mythological, it's actually a mundane, small office in shits-town, NJ, with a real, life crack house located right behind it. what Wyvern does largely remains a mystery to me, though i know it has something to do with auditing air planes, air charters, and aviation in general. none of that matters to me, as i'm just the " office bitch". i file things away into their designated folders (either in accounts payable, customer files, or vendors), or i do manual revisions, or i just sit around bored trying to look extremely busy. sometimes i do data entry. it's not too bad though, i work 32 hours a week and make $8.50 an hour.
i can be on aim at work now. people should IM me. i have a new sn. 'onesmoothbanana'. w00ty.
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