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This is some doodles. There's Lively on there...

But, I also have Valour Nikke whom is the name of the Black UniGryphon.
Here she is in a different Anthro Form kneeling before the Yu Di (Jade Emporer) which is the (Doaist) Emporer of Heaven in the Chinese Mythology.

It's polite to be in an anthro form, but not polite to hsow a tail nor the wings. They cover up ther feet and show the hands as least as posible. The thing she's holding is what you place before your face to represent that you are being "blinded" from looking completely at the Heaven King's majesty/magestickness/divinity... It's polite and proper to deligate in this way... I don't know why, but that's just their "way".

She is also kneeling which is called "gui xia", something which Wu kong did not do, ever, but he dose actually clasp his hands together before the Yu Di.

Valour Nikee wil recieve a name from the Yu Di, either that or the Yu Di will bestow this right to an Araht or Buda, whom will give her a name... eiether that, or she will be granted both...

The words them sleves unlock a power within and bring her to the higher levels & power...

So, it's a big honor.
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