Visions of Sodom Picture

The Cityscape of Ahnar has long been abandoned by the Planetary Governer of Setros III. Since then much of the citizenry have moved to the Hive City Israih, leaving Ahnar in ruins.

Throughout the years since its condemnation Ahnar has been inhabited by the criminal, the socially outcast, the homeless and the unscrupulous. It has never been a pleasant place and it has gotten steadily worse since its abandonment. Because the City of Ahnar was left unwanted by the Planetary Governer its citizens opted to give it a new name-- a name that reflects its true nature.

The Cityscape of Ahnar was renamed to Sodom; a name so deeply embedded in their cultural mythology that they no longer recall its true meaning.

But all of that was nothing compared to the horror it inflicted on visitors after the taint of Chaos reached the decayed urban streets. Suddenly mutants, daemons, and monsters became commonplace. Sodom's inhabitants grew more vicious over time, becoming not only xenophobic but even genocidal in their hatred for the Planetary Governer and his citizens.

It is now only a matter of time before the outcasts of Setros III strike back at their oppressors, bringing with them a Hell made physical.

This is a picture created not only to try out a new style of drawing (not to mention it being my first architectural pic EVER), but was also created to give people an idea of what the locales in a Roleplay thread I've created look like.
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