Ashalon "Aisling" Cateroph Picture

This is Ashalon, one of the characters of my novels. In a deal set up by the Tuatha de Danaan, she was taken from her parents as a child and raised under Seelie Court culture and life as a servant.

(Pronounciation: Tuatha de Danaan = "tooha day dhanna". It's Gaelic.)

For anyone familiar with Celtic mythology or pop culture, the Tuatha de were, quite simply, tall, elf-like faeries with superpowers, or, in older versions, gods. They were the fifth race to inhabit Ireland until they were defeated by the Milesians. They descended in a near-blinding light and taught the Druids.

Anyway, in my tale their realm lies in another dimension, and it's possible (not likely unless you're one of them) to travel between planets using their place as a bridge. I would say more about how that's possible, but it has to do with quantum physics and I don't want to bore anyone.

Done in .7 mechanical pencil, prisma colors, inking pen, and then the scanner screwed it up a bit (but that's to be expected).
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