Lady Knight.2 Picture

Number two in my one a week Lady Knight project! This week's warrior is Spanish, Bashful, Bottom Heavy, and wields a Flail. The random generator I use also gives an animal you are supposed to integrate into the final piece: This one was Bull. However, I got so caught up in researching the armor that I ended up not having a place for an animal. I shall strive to do better next week.

Last Week's knight was more of a mythological figure - Russian Bogatyr. This time I went for a historically accurate look. Therefore, this armor is based off the work of the famous armorer Filippo Negroli who worked in Milan during the very early 16th century. In particular, his work done for the Spanish Royal Family. I studied several suits that he made or worked on, mixing and matching elements to create my own suit.

To learn (a little) more about Filippo Negroli, hit the link!…
And then, you know, google him if you want to know more. I mean, it's a start.
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