Aphrodite Rock Picture

Hi, Im currently studying to become a Creative and therapeutic practitioner. Later on dreaming to do art therapies... but for now uploaded some artwork of mine from personal reflective journals.

Friendly and useful critique always welcome, even thou my art is often mainly focusing on the process rather than the end product.

* Used only the 3 main primary colours and black and white in acrylics
* Set on a thin canvas board
* aimed to be created as part of a practice exercise to mix primary colours, and layering paint techiniques.

This painting was originally copied from a photograph of mine, that I happened to take abroad in Cyprus: The Aphrodite rock. The rock is part of the greek mythology and original birth place of the goddess Aphrodite. Legend has it, if you swim around the rock you have eternalized love and beauty.

My painting reminds me of the famous art picture of Aphrodite by Sandra Botticelli - The birth of venus, also has the background setting of the goddess on the beach. Simply, because of the colours and tones the artist uses for her backdrop of art. I also sometimes refer to my own artwork of aphrodite rock, as "Booty Bay". Clearly an online war game has had some influence in the painting, as it too has a beautiful blue lagoon and rock/island to swim too and participant in a leveling up mission. (Omg - gaming freak alert!)
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