OC Cecilia Picture

Okay so i made a quick and shitty OC!
Name: Cecilia Fortini
Age: 16 years old.
Place of Origin: Australia because im unoriginal
Personality: Shes mostly happy and freakishly enthusiastic.
Characteristics. Sometimes when she talks SHE WILL START YElling and calm back down again moments later. She likes to talk outloud, asking questions to nobody in particular.
History: When she was four she got lost for two weeks while at a family holiday in London, which her family didn't notice until a day before she became back because they are STINKING RICH AND HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO. Most of her life she didn't have very many friends but was happy with being friends with herself besideS SHE HAS ALOT IN COMMON WITH HERSELF. To go god-tier she killed herself BY ACCIDENT via tripping over and taking a fatal blow to the head on her quest bed. In her session were 6 OTHER PEOPLE that are yet to come into existence.
HOBBIES: She likes to read books on mythological creatures.
SPRITES: Version 1 was a random piece of junk. Version 2 was a Panda Toy.
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