you cant see past these eyes Picture

day 1. a pic of your self and 15 facts about you!
1. i love my friends and family
2. i love psychology and greek mythology
3. i love to cook
4. i love art
5. i love horses.
6. my cabin is my one true home. screw this place.
7. music affects my mood
8. i love to workout
9. i dont like junk food. it just dosent taste good. a country girl. i love fishing, hunting, what ever it is i like it.
11. i love sports but i hate playing for teams and keeping score. i like playing for fun
12. i have a short temper. and when im mad i seem possessed
13. i sleep walk and talk in my sleep and ive called and texted people in my sleep
14. i love to sit by the edge of the water and watch the sun slowly set behind the hills on the far side of the lake
15. i am me, you may not understand me, but its who i am take me or get out of my life before you hurt me.
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