Pons Asinorum Picture

This was a picture I took after reading about the "Modern Fantasy" ([link]) contest. I haven't decided if I'm going to submit it, so if you like it, post a comment. I thought LSD was the perfect subject matter of it, for several reason; it induces illusions and changes, causing things trapped behind your eyes to be set free, which is what fantasy is all about, setting free your mind, your imagination; and second-fold, it has a sort of mythology to it, so many misconceptions and horror stories, revolutionaries who used it, songs and films and art about it, it's own language of windowpanes of 200 micro's or sugarcube or Bluestar tattoo's or (as in my piece) Orange Sunshine blotter. So, I thought it was appropriate, and I was lucky enough to have the necessary props for the photo. Made in Photoshop CS2 with a Wacom Tablet. Models: Orange Sunshine and my Acer, with iTunes visuals running on "Everything In It's Right Place" by Radiohead. So, I think this was enough useless details.
-F. Dove
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